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Space Coast Hail Damage Roofing Restoration Company

Hail storms are a homeowner's worst nightmare. While you might immediately be concerned about your car's windshield or your home's windows, the roof is just as susceptible to damage. If you've experienced roof hail damage and need storm restoration services in Space Coast, Florida, RenewPro Roofing LLC is there for you.

Our roofing company has been in business since 2012, but our roof restoration contractors have over 100 years of combined experience. With this kind of knowledge and skillset, you can feel confident that our team will repair your home. We're accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and are affiliated with multiple industry organizations like GAF, so quality is never a concern. We can help with your hail damage roof insurance claim in no time at all.

Dependable Roof Hail Damage Repairs in the Space Coast and Brevard County

It's incredibly important that you address roofing problems as soon as they arise. Failure to do so will only result in bigger problems down the road. Hail is a huge culprit of damage when it comes to Florida homes, and there is little you can do to prevent it. After suffering a severe storm, all you can do is hope that the damage is minimal. While an entire Space Coast roof replacement is usually unnecessary, repairs from RenewPro Roofing are often in order.

The tell-tale signs of hail roofing damage include:

  • Black Spots on Your Shingles: Dark, round spots on your roof are a sure sign that hail has impacted it. Alone, they may not immediately mean damage.
  • Missing Granules: If the rough, sandpaper texture of your shingles is missing, hail likely damaged it. You'll want to make sure these shingles are replaced.
  • Splits in Wood Shingles: Wood shingles can be quite vulnerable, and if you're noticing cracking or splitting, water is definitely finding a way in.
  • Metal Roofing Indents: Larger craters and dents in your metal roof imply that hail came into contact with it. Be sure to inspect your roof for any penetration.

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While hail doesn't always warrant a large repair, many times damage can be severe and storm damage repair services will be necessary. When that happens, you can rely on RenewPro Roofing to correct the issue. Browse all our high-end services, including Space Coast commercial roofing and residential roofing. Get in touch for a free quote today.