Having roofing issues can be frustrating, but it helps to know what you are dealing with. For example, do you need a new roof, or will a roof repair solve your problem? RenewPro Roofing LLC put together some simple differences between a roof repair and a roof replacement. With this information in mind, you can begin to budget and plan for your upcoming roofing project. 

Residential Roof Repairs

A roof repair can be a fast and easy fix that restores the structural integrity of your roof. Maybe some shingles have loosened over time, or a minor leak might have formed due to storm damage. Whatever the case might be for your home, a roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your home’s entire roof. This does not mean you will have a big issue that needs fixing, it just means your roof inspector is checking all their boxes to ensure your roof gets the support it needs.

If the roof inspection shows a small roofing issue or a minor hole in your roof, a roof repair will be the perfect solution and you will want to find a roofing company that can match your home’s current roofing well. You will also want to make sure your budget can withstand a roof repair because these issues often have lower price points that do not always qualify for financing through some roofing companies.

Residential Roof Replacements

A roof replacement is different from a roof repair because it requires your roof’s entire structure to be replaced. Often these roofs are old and have an abundance of damage that is visible to both the homeowner and a certified roof inspector. When you opt for a roof replacement, all of your home’s shingles will be removed from your home and a new set of roofing shingles will be installed in its place. This is a great time to switch up your home’s roofing style and go with a new option like metal roofing or composite roofing. If getting a roof replacement was not in your planned budget, make sure you pick a roofing company that offers flexible financing solutions you know you can work with.

At RenewPro Roofing LLC, we can help you with both affordable roof repairs and roof replacements. Our team specializes in everything from minor issues to large storm damage roofing solutions. Do not hesitate to call our team with any questions you may have about which kind of roofing service your home needs. Call us today and we will put your roof inspection and estimate service on our calendar.